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As one of North Carolina’s largest and most trusted independent insurance agencies, you know us for our affordable car insurance and motorcycle insurance, but we offer so much more than just auto insurance. Able Auto & Cycle Insurance is also proud to offer a wide variety of comprehensive commercial insurance solutions to businesses throughout Wilmington and Asheville, NC.

With over 20 years in operation, we understand that creating a successful business requires an investment of time, money and hard work. Whatever your industry, we believe that you should be confident with the knowledge that the business insurance you choose is adequate to protect your company and your livelihood when you need it most. At Able Auto & Cycle Insurance we offer the full spectrum of business insurance coverages -- everything you need, in one convenient location. These include: commercial auto, property and liability, workers compensation, directors and officers liability, group life and health, professional liability, and more.

When you choose Able Auto & Cycle Insurance for your business insurance needs, you aren’t just buying a policy, you are receiving the guidance, support and expertise of an established, insurance agency. Our experienced team will work with you to design a commercial insurance policy that protects all aspects of your business while staying within your budget. We’ll even review your current business insurance policy to ensure that it meets your needs while providing enough flexibility to grow with your business. And since we are an independent agency, we have the ability to compare rates from an array of top industry carriers, so you can be assured that you are getting the right coverage at the best possible premium.

At Able Auto & Cycle Insurance, we are experienced at working with a variety of businesses and industries, and we take the time to evaluate your needs and offer you custom tailored business insurance solutions. From small start-ups to multi-level corporations, we can provide you with the commercial insurance coverage you need to protect your business investments. Whether you are in Wilmington or Asheville; Able Auto & Cycle Insurance has you covered! Let our business serve your business!

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