Auto insurance in Columbia, NC, Florence, Myrtle Beach, Sumter, SC.

Like purchasing a vehicle, there is no sole best solution with regards to purchasing insurance. Always ensure that the cost is not the mere factor that you consider while selecting the car insurance. It is here where we at Able Auto & Cycle can help. We not only offer a wide range of auto insurance plans but will also assist you in selecting a coverage that perfectly suits your circumstances and needs. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Columbia, NC, Florence, SC, Myrtle Beach SC and Sumter SC.

A close look at the top 4 car insurance plans

If you own a private car in Columbia, NC, Florence, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC or Sumter, SC, below is the top 4 kinds of insurance plans which you should be aware of namely,

  • Personal injury insurance- this is needed by every state and territory. This form of coverage will help to safeguard an individual you may injure when you are driving.
  • Comprehensive- it will offer coverage against damage to your car as well as the property of other people along with theft and legal expenditure
  • Third party property- it will cover damage to the property of another person and also legal expenditure, yet not damage when it comes to your own car
  • Third party fire as well as theft- this will offer third party coverage along with a couple of add-on features which cover your car

No matter what form of insurance you need we will have you covered. You can also consult our insurers prior to making any modification in order to have an idea as to how this will affect both your insurance cover and premium. To know more, please feel free to contact us through phone or mail for auto insurance in Columbia, NC, Florence, SC, Myrtle Beach SC and Sumter SC. We are available 24/7.